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Our friends at Sava Aromas have created Barróg wax melts - sending you a hug in a scent! You get a 6 pack of Barróg cute bunny-shaped melts, 5 in the pack are natural soy colour and 1 we have naturally coloured, scented in their most popular Spring scent “Spring Awakening & Spring Stoppables”. The melts are made with 100% eco soy wax & the oils that are added to scent the melts are of the highest premium quality, they are toxin and chemical-free.

Each pack is sealed in a cellophane packet and then in a white organza bag and to finish off Sava has added a cute rabbit charm to each bag of melts. The thinking behind the Barróg melts is that burning the melts provides a home from home through aromas.

All proceeds from the sale of Barróg melts go directly to our House.


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