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Welcome Home Book

As I am sure you know, work has already begun on the New Children’s Hospital on the St. James’s Hospital site.

Well we are delighted to tell you that The Ronald McDonald House Charity has secured a fantastic space for our brand new House – right at the centre of the new hospital campus.
Our new home will have 53 separate family rooms and is going to be a wonderful and exciting development. But the most important thing for all of the team here is to make sure that the new House is just as special and welcoming as our current home is.
So we are following one parent’s wonderful suggestion and are making a special Welcome Home Message Book for new families, to leave in each of the 53 rooms in our new home. And we want to fill that book with the personal messages, private memories and cherished words of advice from families, like yours, who know what it is like to care for a sick child in hospital.
We would really love you to add your own message to that book. We know it would mean so much to so many families.
So if you would like to add a message of your own or would like to know more about our Welcome Home Book then please just contact us at or call any of the team at 01 456 0435 and let us know your new address and we’ll send you out all the details.
Even if you’d prefer not to send a message, there are so many other ways you can help – from joining us on special ‘family days’ or posting special messages online, to helping us fundraise for the new House. So please contact us so we can keep in touch and keep you up to date with all the plans for the new House.
We would really love to hear from you.

We have always said that the real heart of The Ronald McDonald House comes from extraordinary families, like yours, who surround each other with the most incredible love and support every day. But, as you know, the really special part is that all our love and support continues long after people leave the House.

We think the Welcome Home Book is such a gorgeous way of showing new families that they are not alone. And we know that your own personal words of advice or support would mean so much to families facing into their first night here at The Ronald McDonald House.

All our Love