Become a Half Hour Hero

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give

For parents of a sick child, the medical journey is full of questions.

With your support, we do whatever we can to give families one less thing to worry about, so families don’t have to ask, “Where will I sleep so I don’t have to leave my child?” or “How can we afford a hotel room for this long?”.

Families of a hospitalized child will face thousands of questions along their journey, but with your support, “How can I stay close to my child?” never has to be one of them.

Sign up today and become a hero for our families!

How to be a Hero

  1. Convince the boss to provide you and your colleagues with 30 mins off work on a specific date chosen by your company.
  2. Decide on a random act of kindness to do for someone you know or don’t know i.e. Go to the shops for an elderly neighbour | make a call to an old friend who is not expecting it|bake a cake for someone you love | cut the grass for someone, plant a tree. Whatever you like The whackier and kinder the better 
  3. Take a video/photo and share with colleagues and friends and feel free to tag RMHC Ireland with #halfhourhero
  4. Challenge 3 of your friends and colleagues to do the same and help us share The Ronald McDonald House story to raise essential funds to build our new 53-bedroom House at the New Children’s Hospital
Make A Donation RMHC Ireland

Registration is €10. Please complete the below form and sign up to be a Hero for families of sick children in hospital.


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For more information please contact:

Our Corporate fundraising manager Louise Quail: [email protected]