RMHC Ireland's Your Name Workout Challenge

Spell your name and perform an exercise assigned to each letter

Thank you for joining our YOUR NAME WORKOUT CHALLENGE by signing up to complete this challenge throughout January 2021 you are directly helping us to keep families close to their sick child in hospital. 

This is a great way to have some New Year fun and shift those extra Christmas pounds. All you have to do is spell your name and perform specific exercises assigned to each letter!  We have compiled a chart below for you to follow!

For example, RMHC spells out the below excercises. 

 R – 1 min plank  M – 20 burpees  H – 20 squat jumps  C – 30 squats

 Your Name Workout challenge should be completed daily for 30 days and you’ll receive our new exclusive RMHC Medal at the end of your challenge

 Registration will be €20 which includes our new medal

Good Luck & Thank you 


For more information please contact –  fundraising@rmhc.ie