RMHC Ireland's 60K in May Cycle

May 2020

Welcome to the RMHC Ireland

Cycle 60K in May

Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

The Annual RMHC Cycle is one of our main fundraising events. In the interest of health and safety due to COVID 19, the cycle at Avon on April 25th sadly had to be cancelled. Like most things at this time, this was a hard decision, but the right decision for us as a Charity to make. Our sole focus now is to keep our House open and keep our families close to their sick child at Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

We cannot do this without the help of the Irish public. This newly formatted Virtual Cycle will provide vital funding for the House as we continue to care for families who have no choice but to be by their child’s hospital bedside. We truly are all in this together so we’re asking you to stay healthy & fit during this time by challenging you to cycle for us during the month of May.

 Cycle 60km during the month of May, in your own area and when suits you to help us continue to care for our families at this unique time. It costs us €60.00 per night per family, and by registering you will be providing a family a home for the night when they need it the most.  Register online on Giv2Go for €60.00. Receive our bespoke Ronald McDonald House Cycle Jersey. Please keep one family close to their seriously sick child for one night. Cycle apart and come together for Ronald McDonald House.

If you would like to find out more please contact:

Sharon Keogh at sharon.keogh@rmhc.ie or give her call at 01 456 0435

Why do we have an annual Fundraising Cycle

Your fundraising will ensure we can continue to care for our families each night.  Research has shown that for a sick child the attention, warmth, and closeness of family are crucial for the recovery. We want to keep as many sick children as possible with their dad, mum, brothers, and sisters.

Your participation in our Cycle during the month of April and all the fundraising you do will help us continue to keep Families close and together.

Fundraising is never easy but here’s a suggestion. Set yourself a Fundraising Goal of perhaps  €250 or €350 or €500 (The Sky’s the limit)

Register Today at Give2Go!!

Click the link below and Go theDistance for Families staying at The Ronald McDonald House


Cycle Jersey Sponsors

 Sponsorship  Opportunities

We also need companies to sponsor the cycle!

Contact: joe.kenny@rmhc.ie for more details

Thank you for your efforts!