Meet Our Families – Video

Listen to our story and help us continue to provide a home for families of seriously ill children

RMHC Video 2013

The New Children’s Hospital will be built on the grounds of St. James’s Hospital. We are working closely with the Board of the New Hospital with a view to providing a new Ronald McDonald House alongside the new hospital so that we can provide a home and a caring and supportive environment for families whose children will be long-term inpatient at the new hospital. We will need your help and support to provide this new Ronald McDonald House. Please watch our video and we would ask you to make a donation online if you think you can help. Over the next few years we will be organising many fundraising events so that we can continue to provide our  facilities here at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital while at the same time start work on a new Ronald McDonald House. Your continued help and support is very much appreciated and will help us to continue to keep families together when their children are seriously ill.

RMHC Video 2012