O’ Reilly Family

For many families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, adjusting is a difficult process: “Coming to terms with an enormous diagnosis, facing a very uncertain future and all away from home, familiar surroundings, family and friends”.
“Muireann was awaiting a heart transplant and wouldn’t eat any hospital food. I was able to cook food for her in Ronald McDonald House and bring it over to the hospital. The house is a community of support for many: “So many nights after a very difficult day in the hospital we returned to the house where we would sit with others who were going through something similar or indeed very different, we’d chat over tea about what was going on for our particular child, listen to their stories, worries and fears too and support each other. These parents were very often the only ones who truly knew what you were going through as they had the same worries and fears for their children as we had for our own”
“Being able to bring Muireann over to Ronald McDonald House and escape from the hospital for a while when she began to recover was definitely a highlight”
“I cannot imagine having to go through all that again without being able to avail of the facilities of this beautiful home and the care and support of the incredible staff there. One space that could definitely do with being bigger is the play area outside for the kids and possibly the playroom”
“We are deeply indebted to the wonderful people who helped us through some of our darkest days and we have definitely made life long friends from our stays there”
Joan, Criostóir and Muireann are from Waterford and have stayed in the house three times - 5 weeks, 4 months and 5 weeks.