Cotter Family

“The impact the house has had on our family is immeasurable, it’s the only way we could all be together.”
The hardest part for the families of Ronald McDonald House is often the uncertainty of their situations.
“Trying to have a normal life does not seem possible anymore it is very difficult to plan for the future as a parent of a sick child your mind is constantly consumed by what will happen to them.”
That is why the Ronald McDonald House exists, to help these families when they need it most.
“From the first moment I stepped into the house I felt a wave of calm and was greeted by a very friendly Mairéad Lavelle, the same familiar feeling every time I go back there picks me up during the toughest times.” Something else that may not seem like a big thing for most people but means a lot to the families are the volunteers. “They come in and cook dinner for everyone in the house, which is a lot of hard work and means families can spend more time at the hospital instead of cooking and don’t forget to eat as you get a text to say dinner is ready!”
Being able to provide for many more families in the future is so important and the new house plans to make sure that more and more families can be catered for. “I think the new house is a wonderful idea it’s an invaluable asset to families and makes a huge difference in helping people who are under tremendous emotional and mental strain to cope. More space would be fantastic for children to play and for family & friends to visit”
Aisling, Alan and Joe spent 3 months in the house while Lee was in hospital. Aisling is now on the Ronald McDonald House Cycle Committee & convinces all her family & friends to the Cork Mini Marathon every year to raise much needed money for the House!