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RMHC Ireland are inviting applications for the position of a full time Community Fundraiser.

 The RMHC Community Fundraiser will ensure that fundraising activity is planned, implemented and managed locally to deliver targets and increase income for RMHC Ireland. The suitable candidate will achieve this by coordinating current fundraising activities, developing new activities and supporting and facilitating the development of fundraising volunteers.

Job Description Community Fundraiser RMHC Ireland.

Applications by 9th February 2018.

Maeve & Pádraig Beasley

Maeve & Pádraig Beasley at The Ronald McDonald House October 2017

Give our Families the Gift of Togetherness this Christmas at The Ronald McDonald House

As you know, The Ronald McDonald House has one simple mission – to keep families together so they can care for each other and provide their sick child in Crumlin Hospital with the best medicine there is, the love of their family. Over the last 14 years, the Ronald McDonald House has provided a home from home to over 3,000 families from all over Ireland. But it has taken so many extraordinary people to make that possible.

And so this Christmas we wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to all our incredible fundraisers, cyclists and walkers for all the sweat and tears – and the vital funds you have raised. Many thanks to all our Golf and Ball supporters – your continued supportis appreciated every year. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and chefs for your energy and generosity – and for the loving support you offer everyone who stays here.

And of course, a special thanks to all the wonderful families who have stayed in the Ronald McDonald House over the years. More than anything else it is your support for each other, your courage and your endless love that has made this House a real home. Thank you all. It is your hard work, your thoughts and your support that fill this House with love every day. And every family that is with us tonight feels that support and are so deeply grateful to you for it.

 The Beasley Family, Co Kerry 


Pádraig with his Mum Maeve, Dad Séamus and sister Julia.

Pádraig Beasley- or Podge as his sister Julia calls him – has been staying here in the Ronald McDonald House for the last few months after undergoing a stem cell transplant to combat his aggressive cancer. Pádraig’s amazing smile and the constant jokes he likes to tell have filled our house with such joy and hope over the last few weeks. Pádraig’s mum Maeve wants you to know just how much the Ronald

McDonald House means to her and her family during this incredibly stressful time in their lives. Maeve is hoping that she and Pádraig will be able to have Christmas at home in Kerry this year. However, Pádraig still has some way to go in his treatment so he will be returning to Crumlin Hospital and Maeve and her family will be coming back to us here in the Ronald McDonald House. But as Maeve says, knowing that the House will be here when they need it is such a comfort.

“The Ronald McDonald House is incredible. It changes everything. Now we can even look forward to parts of the journey rather than dreading every step of it.”  –  Maeve.

Click here to read a special  letter from the Beasley Family  RMHC_Xmas_ParentNote

As I am sure you know, work is well under way clearing the site for the new Children’s Hospital on the St. James’s Hospital site. And very soon we hope to start construction of The New Ronald McDonald House, which we are delighted to say, will be situated right at the heart of the new Hospital.Raising the funds to build our new House will be the greatest challenge we have ever faced. But I am so hopeful and confident that we will reach our target because over the last 14 years we have seen just how much you and our amazing family of supporters, volunteers, parents and friends have achieved. We will keep you up-to-date with all the developments for the new House over the next few months. But for now, all of our efforts and thoughts are focused on supporting the families who are staying with us today and making sure that we can continue to care for all the families who have yet to arrive. Thank you so much for all you have done. Every donation, every meal, every kind wish we receive means the world to us. We all wish you the most wonderful festive season. And most importantly, we hope that you and the ones you love can be together this   Christmas.