How do I volunteer ?

You can donate your time and skills.

Whether you are an events organiser, hairdresser, beautician, yoga teacher, plumber or gardener, we could use your skills.

  • If you like to cook, paint, clean, organise kids parties, or bake cakes – we could use your skills too.
  • We need help maintaining the house. This includes: cleaners (regularly or a once-off Spring Clean), supervisors, handy men or women and gardeners.
  • We need help to manage our office and administration. This includes answering the phone, greeting visitors or light housework.

We need help promoting ourselves. Calling all of you who like PR, event management, marketing, or even writing professionals! You could help us write a press release or compile a newsletter.

We need help to take care of the families who stay with us. It can be a very tough time for families when their child is sick so they are delighted if someone is available to:

  • Make a dinner
  • Cut hair, provide a manicure

The majority of our income is raised through events and donations.

The following events are run annually

  • Ronald McDonald House Cycle (April)
  • Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon (June)
  • The RMHC Golf Classic (June)
  • Cork Women’s Mini Marathon (Sept)
  • The RMHC Gala Ball (November)

Families who have stayed in the houses are also great supporters of the Houses and events like Sponsored Cycles and Pub Quizzes etc. are run throughout the country.

If you would like to volunteer please complete Form here .