Anne Donegan: Volunteer

To me volunteering is a way of giving and receiving. It’s a way of saying thank you and being lucky to be able to donate a small piece of time and energy to the less fortunate people in life. It’s a way of feeling needed no matter how small the job entails.


There are lots of personal reasons in making the decision to volunteer and mine were based on the following:

  • Wanting to help people in a selflessness manner
  • To feel needed
  • To give up some of your time to others that normally depend on you ie family and friends
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To bring new skills
  • To get involved in something totally different to what you previously worked in
  • To keep busy
  • To gain some satisfaction in hoping you have made a small difference

Volunteering also has a lot of personal benefits too such as

  • Making new friends/meeting new people
  • Feeling part of a team
  • Learning new skills
  • Gaining confidence
  • Discovering some of the talents you did not know you had!

The bottom line for me is that you get out of volunteering what you put in to it.

Volunteer 2005-2015