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Wedding Favours

Event Date: 01-January-16


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Are you celebrating your special wedding day soon? Would you like to support families whose children are seriously ill in hospital?

You can help the Ronald McDonald House by donating to the House in lieu of Wedding Favours. RMHC are so grateful to all of the generous Brides and Grooms who have donated to the House in previous years as an alternative to providing wedding favours for their guests.

If you are interested in donating to RMHC in lieu of Wedding Favours for your special day, we are delighted to provide you with special RMHC wedding favour cards and heart pins in a small white muslin bag for each of your place settings. These cards and pins will let your guests know that you have shared your special day by helping a family stay together in a time of illness.

  • Up to 100 cards suggested donation of €200
  • Up to 150 cards suggested donation of €300
  • Up to 200 cards suggested donation of €400

If you would like to order wedding favour cards or have any questions at all please contact Liz at or call (01) 456 0436